Mean Gene

Why Beach Talk Radio Began (August 5, 2018)
Gene Bowers is the reason we started doing the show. Episode #1 starred Gene (it was audio only) after Ed decided the characters on the beach needed to be audio documented. All the action in Times Square every morning revolved around Gene. Everyone made it a point to stop to talk to him at table #23 at Pete’s Time Out. Others made sure to sit at his table and hang out with him.

Gene was born in Zanesville, Ohio, had been coming to the beach for well over 20 years. He was really the defacto Mayor of the Beach. Everyone knew him and everyone loved him. You could see Gene pretty much every day at table 23 at Pete’s Time Out on Fort Myers Beach until his health started to fail him. Gene passed away in June 2019 9at the age of 82. His memory lives on at the beginning of every show where we play his booming voice and familiar intro….”GOOD MORNING MISTER AND MISSES AMERICA AND ALL SHIPS AT SEA…”
sat 8 18


Gene at 81

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